Weekly Activities

Portland Insight Meditation Community has a number of regular and occasional events on its schedule. No registration or fee is required for these events. As in ancient Buddhist tradition the classes are offered on a "Dana" basis. In keeping with their financial ability, and their understanding of the importance of generosity, participants contribute to the support of the community.

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Leader: None
Format: 40 min sit, 20 min walk.
Attendance: 5-10
Description: The Dharma Hall is open for personal meditation, followed by walking meditation or quiet reflection.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Guiding teacher: Robert Beatty
Format: Guided Meditation
Attendance: 40-80
Description: Guided meditation, silence, and mindful movement.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Guiding teacher: Robert Beatty
Format: Dharma Talk
Attendance: 40-80
Description: Instruction is given in sitting, walking and movement meditations, as well as ways of carrying the practice into daily life. Helpful for beginners and experienced meditators.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Format: Children's Program
Attendance: Typically 5-10
Description: [NOTE: VOLUNTEER SUPPORT IS NEEDED IN THE CHILDREN'S PGM. Please click on the Children's Program page link below to volunteer for an hour in the class on a Sunday.] Beginning 2/17/19, PIMC is looking for a new permanent teacher for our Sunday Children's Program. One of our sanga members Tia Knuth has offered to teach for the next couple of weeks while we search the larger community for a more permanent teacher. Tia has completed and passed a background check at the Creston School. She lives with her husband Edwin and their 6 year old son Leo and three parakeets in SE Portland. Tia has a Masters of Arts in Teaching K-8 from the University of Alaska SE and has taught pre-school, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades. She also ran her own math tutoring business for a few years working with primarily 3rd-6th graders. She has a gentle way with children and animals. She currently teaches a weekly after school garden club at her son's school.
See our Children's Program page.
Contact: Avi - avi@portlandinsight.org

A short Dharma Talk and 45 minutes of silence, led by various PIMC Teachers. Recommended for people with at least some meditation experience.

Leader: Peer (Lora Dow)
Format: Meditation, discussion
Attendance: 4-9
Description: The Monday Night Book Circle is reading the following book as of April 8, 2019, "Standing At The Edge", by Joan Halifax. The group reads about a chapter a week. The group meets every Monday, except for the first Monday of the month. If you want to attend, please contact one of the group leaders first.
Contact: Lora Dow - loraleedow@gmail.com, or Larry Berry - lberry2552@aol.com
Guiding teacher: Jim Dalton
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 4-9
Description: Join Jim Dalton for an evening of meditation in Beaverton, on the west side of the Portland metro area.
Contact: Jim Dalton - (503) 292-6951 - walkerdalton95@gmail.com
Leader: Peer (Larry Berry)
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 3-8
Description: This is a friendship and meditation group. Leadership is rotated among all who wish to lead. It meets every Tuesday morning and typically includes sitting and walking meditation, optional personal sharing, reading, and discussion of Dharma topics. Tea is offered as well as practice and support. As of 9/4/2018, the group is reading "The Wise Heart", by Jack Kornfield.
Contact: Larry Berry - lberry2552@aol.com
Guiding Teacher: Gary Sanders
Format: Introductions/check-ins, brief talk about the meditation, guided meditation, Dharma talk and discussion.
Description: In the Metta Sutta, the Buddha encouraged us all to cultivate a boundless heart of loving-kindness for all beings and that is exactly what our intention is for this new weekly group. We will practice a variety of meditations and discuss a full spectrum of dharmic nuggets, all infused with the gentleness and friendliness of metta.
Contact: Gary Sanders - pimc.gary@gmail.com
Guiding teacher: Doug Pulin
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 15-25
Description: The evening includes guided and silent sitting in the practice that leads to insight or Vipassana mind. This is the mindfulness meditation practice that was taught by the Buddha over 2500 years ago. The focus of Doug's teaching is on the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom through the practice of being fully present for the ever changing joys and sorrows of life. In addition to traditional mindfulness meditation, there is also an opportunity for informal discussion and for questions related to practice. The Dharma discussion is in a small group setting. Open to beginning and advanced students alike. The group meets in the living room behind the main meditation hall. Enter through the kitchen door.
Contact: Doug Pullin - douglas@douglaspullin.com