Already Awake

"You are already awake, Believe nothing to the contrary" - An Exploration of Non-Dual Teachings - Robert Beatty
March - December 2016

Ultimate reality is subject to no description or characterization. Language is dualistic and misleading. Around the world, in every mystical tradition, individuals have experiences that are beyond words. They "wake up". This opening to a "different reality" has a profound impact upon them, their view of the world, and the way they live their lives.

Buddhist teachings speak about the unborn, the uncreated and the deathless. Buddhism asks the question: "Are you suffering"? If the answer is "yes" then there is a highly articulated map and system of practice which can result in deep insight into suffering, its causes its' extinction and the path leading to this reality. This intuitive realization is radically transformative and results in happiness, freedom, love, compassion and ease. The Buddhist approach begins with an experience of "self" and leads to the realization that this self is illusory and is a manifestation arising out of the mystery which is unborn and uncreated. This is not a philosophical or intellectual pursuit, but a an undeniable phenomenon to be experienced.

There is another perspective, or view, which begins with the statement above, "You are already awake, believe nothing to the contrary." This ancient way is known as the "non-dual" or Advaita approach. This perspective on spiritual life begins with the presumption that one is already "awake" and that it is possible to directly realize that fact in every moment. This approach places emphasis upon the experience of freedom here and now rather than on the path leading to freedom.

There are those who say that these two perspectives are mutually exclusive. There are adherents of both spiritual views who are convinced that their way is the only way, and that the other is, at best, misguided.

During the last decade I have being studying and practicing the non-dual approach with Matt Flickstein. I have found that the two vocabularies are synergistic, and actually are pointing at the same truth in their own different ways.

This course is intended for those who are well grounded in the teachings of the Buddha: The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path and the practice of Insight Meditation Excellent ways to receive this grounding are: Doug Pullin's Introduction to Mindfulness which is offered three times per year, or my class, Foundations of Mindfulness, which will begin in March.


  1. Every few days participants will receive a short non-dual contemplation created by Matt Flickstein. The methods of working with these will be explained fully as the course begins.
  2. Each participant will have the opportunity to meet with Robert for half an hour each month. (With the exception of July)
  3. Participants are requested to commit to the entire ten months of the program. Occasional absences will not disqualify anyone, but there is a momentum to these teachings that requires an ongoing presence with them. 
  4. A daily meditation and contemplation practice will be necessary to engage with this material. 
  5. The suggested donation for the training is $600 if paid in full prior to the start of classes. If you would like to make monthly payments, the suggested donation will be $65 per month. Because PIMC wants the teachings accessible to all, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If cost will create an obstacle to your participation please contact Kate Staples-

Participation is limited to twenty-five persons

Dates: Wednesdays 7 PM - 9PM 3/2, 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/20, 8/10, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7,
One Day Retreats: 9 - 4:30PM; 4/30 and 11/12

I understand that this is a large commitment and I hope you will consider carefully whether it is truly in alignment with your life at this time.

If you have questions please contact Kate at 503-771-4123

Yours in the Dharma



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