QiGong and Rumi with Jim

You are invited to a Half-Day of practice doing mindful movement and contemplating some Rumi Poems. For instance:

"Inside the Great Mystery that is,
we don't really own anything.
What is this competition we feel then,
before we go, one at a time, through the same gate?"

~Rumi (tr. Moyne and Barks)

Please join us Saturday, April 16 starting at 10 AM. We will sit in silence, contemplate more Rumi poems, and practice doing QiGong. Staying grounded in the body while soaring with the spirit of Rumi is an excellent way to spend 4 hours. We will finish at 2 PM.

A donation of $25 is requested, but not required. If necessary grant yourself a scholarship and donate what you can to support the PIMC community.

Plan on bringing a snack to share for the break at noon: fruit, veggies, snack bars, etc.

May all beings delight in the words of Rumi:

Each awakening soul, O love, is alerted to your news
Each being falls asleep on the breast of your grace
Apart from you, nothing hidden or manifest exists
Each word I try to add, awe wraps in silence.