Children's Program

Updated Information (Posted 4/10/19)

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We have hired a new teacher as of 4/10/19. Her name is Rebecca Bower and she is looking forward to getting to know you and your children (On 2/17/19, the PIMC Children's Program found itself without a permanent teacher for the first time since PIMC began it more than 10 years ago).

Rebecca is a retired elementary school teacher with 20 years of experience. She moved up to Portland from Corcord CA to be close to her granddaughter and has been participating in our sangha since January. She is enthusiastic about providing PIMC's children with a foundation for mindfulness and Buddhist principles week-to-week. Additionally, she is looking forward to guiding the creation and implementation of a structured, planned, and thoughtful curriculum to carry us into the future, something which the program has not had previously. 


We still need volunteer support in the classroom every Sunday.

Even though we have a new teacher, our experience the past two months has shown us that we will still need consistent volunteer support so Rebecca can really give the children the best possible experience, based in mindfulness and the Dharma.

To have the classroom open each Sunday, there need to be 1-2 teacher support volunteers both hours of the program. If one person was willing to volunteer in the classroom both hours, only one person would be needed. If two people each wanted to spend an hour with the children, then, for that Sunday, we'd need two people.

So, please consider supporting this very important function of giving the children in our sangha a firm foundation in the Dharma. You can sign up for a volunteer slot using the link at the top or below. For each Sunday, we need a minimum of one volunteer per hour.

Thank you so much for helping teach our children well.

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General Information and Guidelines for Parents & Kids


Welcome to the PIMC Children's Program! Our goal is to provide a supportive and creative learning environment for the children of parents who wish to participate in the adult Sunday meditation. Each Sunday, the program teacher will offer group activities that may include performing and visual arts, meditation, yoga, and play with the aid of an assisting parent.

Below are some basic guidelines for participation in the Children's Program:

  • The program accepts children ages four and above.
  • Parents will be asked to fill out a basic information sheet about each child.
  • Parents will be asked to provide their contact information, including email addresses, so that it will be possible to communicate with them easily.
  • A small, healthy, snack will be available to children each week. Parents, please advise the teacher if there are any allergy issues.
  • Children will need their shoes and coats to be accessible, as we will often make use of the outdoor play area.
  • Parents are responsible for any toileting assistance their child may need while attending the program. Parents are asked to encourage their child to use the restroom before the start of the program.
  • Parents are responsible for letting the program teacher know of any special needs their child may have.
  • Children are asked to do their personal best in listening to and following the program teacher's and assisting parent's directions.
  • It is at the discretion of the program teacher and assisting parent to ask a parent for support if their child is behaving in an unsafe or disruptive manner.