Children's Program

General Information and Guidelines for Parents & Kids

Welcome to the PIMC Children's Program! Our goal is to provide a supportive and creative learning environment for the children of parents who wish to participate in the adult Sunday meditation. Each Sunday, the program teacher will offer group activities that may include performing and visual arts, meditation, yoga, and play with the aid of an assisting parent.

Below are some basic guidelines for participation in the Children's Program:

  • The program accepts children ages three and above.
  • Parents will be asked to fill out a basic information sheet about each child.
  • Parents will be asked to provide their contact information, including email addresses, so that it will be possible to communicate with them easily.
  • A small, healthy, snack will be available to children each week. Parents, please advise the teacher if there are any allergy issues.
  • Children will need their shoes and coats to be accessible, as we will often make use of the outdoor play area.
  • Parents are responsible for any toileting assistance their child may need while attending the program. Parents are asked to encourage their child to use the restroom before the start of the program.
  • Parents are responsible for letting the program teacher know of any special needs their child may have.
  • Children are asked to do their personal best in listening to and following the program teacher's and assisting parent's directions.
  • It is at the discretion of the program teacher and assisting parent to ask a parent for support if their child is behaving in an unsafe or disruptive manner.

Children's Program Teacher - Monica Stone 

MonicaI was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Environmental Science. After graduating I spent four years working at Lifeways Early Childhood Center as a vegetarian cook, gardener, and caregiver in a mixed aged setting ranging from infants to five years of age. It is here where I cultivated my love of working with children. Open to adventure and new opportunities,I decided to spread my wings westward to the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest. I accepted a position as an assistant kindergarten teacher at Mother Earth School, and in August 2013 I piled my belongings in my car and drove to Portland. While at Mother Earth School, I experienced the therapeutic power of outdoor education, and developed a deep connection with the children and land of Tryon Community Farm. The following summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to work as an assistant teacher at New Day School where yoga, meditation, and mindfulness were woven deeply into the curriculum. Currently I reside as lead teacher at the Treehouse Nursery, a Waldorf inspired in home preschool nestled in the South Tabor neighborhood. When I’m not working with little ones, I enjoy hiking, camping, yoga, going on epic bike rides, crocheting, dancing, and singing! I am thrilled to join the PIMC community! 

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