PIMC Refuge Retreat & Refuge Ceremony

with Robert Beatty, Saturday Oct 15 and Sunday Oct 16. 

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Life is utterly unstable and unpredictable. Our only certainty is that everything will change. Faced with his truth we vulnerable humans try to find some stable place to stand. We ignore the truth of impermanence all around and within us.

Despite the fact that we intuit somewhere deep within that it won't really work we chase after false refuge where it simply does not exist: youth, beauty, strength, money, power, relationship, children, prestige, travel, drugs and alcohol, information, degrees, sex, travel and...

We feel betrayed and are shocked when these consolation prizes dissolve beneath us.

Since the time of the Buddha, people have been taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. These words have many meanings but at their spiritual depths they mean: Awakened presence, The way life really is, and the inspiration of our spiritual forbears who have successfully walked the path of awakening and compassion.

Taking Refuge is important as we set off on our spiritual journey, as we awaken to life's instability. It becomes even more relevant and essential as our exploration deepens and gradually deconstructs even the beliefs, perceptions and self-structures upon which we base our identity.

What might the practice of TAKING REFUGE mean for you? How might it make your journey through life more confident and compassionate?

Come find out. Join us at PIMC for a four-hour retreat investigating the Refuges. There will be a Taking Refuge ceremony, open to everyone who wishes, on Sunday morning at PIMC.

Retreat: Saturday, October 15, 9AM - 1PM

Suggested Donation: $40. Register Here

Refuge Ceremony: Sunday October 16, during Sunday morning practice 10 AM - Noon. (Participation in the retreat is not required to participate in the refuge ceremony).