New PIMC Community Mailing List


The time is finally here!  PIMC will be moving to a list serv associated only with our website! You will be able to talk with one another, post pictures and have discussions.

Connections will be "moderated," just as the Forum was. All posts will have to be approved. We do not allow commercial posts, but personally recommended events are ok to share, as long as they are consistent with PIMC's vision and values. The official email list from Constant Contact will not be affected by this change.

If you want to continue to be part of the discussion, you will need to sign up. No one will be "transferred" to the new discussion platform. Here is the link:

For the next two weeks, all posts coming from PIMC Staff will be sent to both the Forum (on Yahoo) and to our new "PIMC Connections" list serv. On Sunday, October 10th, the PIMC Forum will be discontinued permanently.