PIMC Talent Night

Saturday, October 22nd, 7pm - 9:30pm.

We share in such beautiful community by sitting together and sharing in the art of meditation. We would like to invite you to come and share in a different expression of art and community, celebrating that we are the living breathing earth!

What: Art & Dessert Night. Bring art to share! This could be a song or two, with instruments or not, a poem, a story, an interpretive dance, some jokes, a reading of a children's book... the sky's the limit! It does not have to be original--just as welcome is to share a favorite that has moved you. For those of us less performance-art oriented, feel free to bring something you've made, and you can share with those gathered the story behind it, your inspiration, how you made it or why. If you would like to attend, you are not obligated to share, but you are strongly encouraged to do so!

When: Saturday, October 22nd, starting at 7pm. There will be a sharing sign up sheet floating around to help things run smoothly. Please sign up when you arrive!

Bring: An opened heart, your art, yourself, and a dessert or beverage to share.

Where: The Dharma Hall at PIMC. Bring desserts to the kitchen, we will have a break in the middle to enjoy them.

All are welcome, including friends and your beautiful children! We can't wait to see what beautiful creativity is just waiting to be expressed.

For information please contact Kirsten Smith - kearst@gmail.com.