QiGong Workshop for October

The next QiGong Workshop will be held at PIMC this Saturday on October 8. As usual we will meet from 10:00am until 2:00pm. The format is a rhythm alternating between 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of silent sitting.

Our purpose is to learn to carry mindfulness from the cushion into daily life. In the Metta Sutta, it is described as the "sublime abiding." One translation actually refers to it as a Divine State...

As you stand, walk, sit or lie,
So long as you are awake,
Pursue this awareness with your might:
It is deemed the Divine State here.

We will be meeting in the Living Room at PIMC. Please bring a snack to share with the other yogis.

We ask for a donation of $25.00, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please register at QiGong with Jim Dalton

  • Sitting Practice¬†
  • QiGong - Mindful Movement¬†
  • Closing Q & A and Discussion