Dharma Practice in times of Challenge and Change

One Day Retreat with Frank Leder and Robert Beatty, Saturday December 17.

Robert and Frank are Dharma brothers, sharing Ruth Denison as their teacher. Frank is coming from Germany once again this year to teach at PIMC.

In addition to the inherent instability of our lives we are living in times in which the relative stability of the outer world is being deeply shaken. Many are experiencing this outer instability as personally disorganizing, setting off anxiety, depression, hopelessness and anger. The Dharma provides us with ways to quiet the nervous system, let go of the suffering and accept life on its own terms. The Dharma also allows us to see clearly what is happening, opens the heart of compassion and strengthens us to take appropriate action to act skillfully, powerfully and with love when we are faced with injustice.

Against a backdrop of silence and mindfulness, Frank and Robert will explore the polarity between withdrawal and engagement with the world. Frank brings a different cultural perspective from Germany and Robert will have recently returned from Standing Rock in North Dakota.

Portland Insight Meditation Center
Saturday December 17: 9 - 4:30
Potluck Lunch
Suggested Donation $50