Rescheduled for this Friday - The Truth Mandala Meditation: Good Medicine for Bad Times

Friday, January 20th 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Many of us in the PIMC community are deeply hurting in response to the U.S. presidential election, Standing Rock and the DAPL, continuing police and fellow-citizens' violence toward people of color, women, those in the LGBTQ community and others. Hunger, poverty, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, racism, blind prejudices and more plague our society, including some of our own Dharma sisters and brothers.

In light of this and in light of all that the Dharma offers us by way of support, you are encouraged to come and, as a community, "bear with" one another's grief. You will have the opportunity to speak, if you wish to do so. Or, you can simply help hold the circle and witness in solidarity and compassion the pain that others express.

Note that due to the nature of sharing in this meditation and what can often open up strong emotions in participants, we respectfully ask that children under the age of thirteen (13) not attend. This is for the benefit of the children and those who participate.

The Truth Mandala is based on Joanna Macy's "The Work that Reconnects" workshop. For more information, please visit

Suggested Donation $20.