The Headless Way: Who are You, Really?

Richard Lang at PIMC - Workshop February 18, 2017 9am - 9pm and Sunday Morning, February 19, 10am - 12pm.

Who are you really? Richard Lang will guide you through the simple but powerful Headless Way experiments invented by the philosopher Douglas Harding, author of On Having No Head.

These experiments test an astonishing claim about you - that at centre you are absolutely different from what you appear to be from a distance. From several feet you are human, but at centre you are not - you are the Awake No-thing that is capacity for everything. Put in traditional, spiritual language, in appearance you are human, in reality you are divine. Your True Self is God, Buddha-Nature, the One Self - choose your name! Richard will not ask you to believe this - he will invite you to test this claim, to look directly into your centre for yourself to see if it is true. The Headless Way experiments show you exactly where to look.

Looking, and finding your True Self, and living in conscious awareness of this boundless, timeless Treasure, is life-changing. When you see Who you really are you discover you are one with the Source of all things. What greater discovery is there than this? So, please feel warmly welcome to join us in this workshop. During the day Richard will guide everyone through the experiments - the breakthrough awareness exercises that point to our True Nature. Then in the evening Richard will take us step by step from the experiments into movement and dance - a wonderful opportunity to consciously be the Stillness from which the dance unfolds. As well as leading Headless Way workshops for more than 40 years, Richard is also a Five Rhythm dance teacher (and Tai Chi teacher, and psychotherapist).

So, come and join us - seeing and celebrating who we all really are.

Location: Portland Insight Meditation Center
Date: February 18, 2017
Time: 9am - 9:30pm Headless Way Workshop
Cost: $80. Register Here

Lunch and Dinner: Potluck

The morning and afternoon will be a workshop experiencing awareness exercises from the Headless Way teachings.

In the evening Richard will lead a Five Rhythms Dance. It is possible to attend the morning and afternoon sessions and not the evening. Participation in the evening requires attendance of the daytime workshop.

No registration is required for the Sunday Morning, February 19 gathering.