Fall Karma Yoga Pizza Party

DATE: Sat. Oct. 21, 2017
TIME: 9:30am - 4:00pm
PLACE: Portland Insight Meditation Center 6536 SE Duke St., Portland

Hi Sangha!
Time for our quarterly Karma Yoga gathering. Time to hang out with community while eating pizza and getting some things done. If you're new to PIMC, this is a great way to meet folks in the sangha and deepen your experience here. The only thing you need to bring is YOURSELF! But, if you're inclined, consider bringing:

  • Food/Drink to go along with the pizza
  • Assorted workshop and gardening tools (please label them)
  • Assorted cleaning supplies
  • Boom boxes and some of your favorite get-stuff-done music

If you have questions, please contact Avi (avi@portlandinsight.org), or by phone: 503.771.4123

In an ancient Buddhist story, the Buddha's faithful attendant, Ananda, asked about the importance of having wholesome companions. Ananda asked the Buddha whether having noble friends and companions wasn't half of the holy life. The Buddha replied: "Do not say so, Ananda. Noble friends and companions are the whole of the holy life."
(SN 45.2, Bhikkhu Bodhi)