Events at PIMC

Portland Insight Meditation Community has a number of regular and occasional events on its schedule. No registration or fee is required for these events. As in ancient Buddhist tradition the classes are offered on a "Dana" basis. In keeping with their financial ability, and their understanding of the importance of generosity, participants contribute to the support of the community.

For carpooling: please go to Our group password is "buddha". You'll have to get your own account with ERideShare as well. All information except your username is kept private. 

10 Years in Southeast Portland:
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Sun. 9-10a Silent
40 min sit, 20 min walk
Sun. 10a-12p
guided sit, dharma talk
Tue. 9:30a-11a
sit, walk, discussion
Tue. 7:30p-9p
Beaverton - sit, move, talk
Thu. 7:30a-9a Peer-led
sit, Dharma talk, discussion 2-5
Thu. 7:30p-9:15p
sit, dharma talk, discussion

Upcoming Classes/Events:

Tai Chi Classes: Saturdays 9:30-11am, Oct. 11 - Oct. 29, 2014 -  Kate Staples
In the silence of the morning, explore the deep and sustaining well of energy available through the practice of tai chi.
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Sunday Dharma Talk Series: The Eightfold Path - Robert Beatty
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Weekend Retreat in Seattle with Robert Beatty: Mindfulness
Nalanda West Center, November 22,23, 2014.
Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4.
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Half-Day Retreats with Jim Dalton:
Meditation, QiGong movements, and Q&A. Jim Dalton

Weekly Sessions:
Sunday Mornings With Robert Beatty
Each session consists of instruction, guided meditation, silence, and a Dharma talk reflecting upon some aspect of meditation. Instruction is given in sitting, walking and movement meditations, as well as ways of carrying the practice into daily life. Helpful for beginners and experienced meditators. 10am - 12pm

Live Webcast of Robert Beatty's Sunday meditations: Webcast Info

Sunday Introduction to Meditation With Robert Beatty
Join Robert Beatty from 9-10 AM the first Sunday of each month for an introduction to our center and to the practice of meditation.

Sunday Children and Family Program

We have a children/family program Sundays from 10am to 12pm. Group activities may include performing and visual arts, meditation, yoga, and play. See the Children's Page for more information.

Tuesday Morning Leaderless Meditation Group, 9:30am
This is a friendship and meditation group. Leadership is rotated among all who wish to lead. It meets every Tuesday morning and typically includes sitting and walking meditation, optional personal sharing, reading, and discussion of Dharma topics. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, we are mindfully making our way through Phillip Moffit's inspiring book Dancing with Life. Tea is offered as well as practice and support. Click the "Calendar" link at left for times.

Tuesday Evenings With Jim Dalton
Join Jim Dalton for an evening of meditation in Beaverton, on the west side of the Portland metro area. 7:30pm-9:00pm. For more information, contact Jim at
(503) 292-6951.

Thursday Evenings With Doug Pullin

The evening includes guided and silent sitting in the practice that leads to insight or Vipassana mind. This is the mindfulness meditation practice that was taught by the Buddha over 2500 years ago. The focus of Doug's teaching is on the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom through the practice of being fully present for the ever changing joys and sorrows of life. In addition to traditional mindfulness meditation, there is also an opportunity for informal discussion and for questions related to practice. The Dharma discussion is in a small group setting. Open to beginning and advanced students alike. The group meets in the living room behind the main meditation hall. Enter through the kitchen door on the left side of the building.


Extended Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats
Half-day, full-day and extended-length retreats are also available from time to time. Please see the Retreats page for more details.


There are many opportunities to get involved in PIMC meetings and maintenance. See the "Volunteering at PIMC" page.