Opening Doors Campaign

Funding Wheelchair Ramp, ADA Updates and Seismic Upgrades for PIMC - We can open our doors to all who seek the dharma and we’d like your help to do it.

As a participant in PIMC, you get to experience the power of sangha (community) first hand. Our center is flourishing and presenting new opportunities to experience the dharma together. Once this facility was only a dream. Now we are now adding weekly sits and new programs to accommodate the many new faces at PIMC.

Our dharma home, as welcoming and comforting as it is to most of us, has a severe limitation. It is not accessible. People with mobility issues who rely on wheelchairs cannot enter our facility. Beloved members of our sangha have become unable to participate, and potential new friends turn away when they realize there’s no way in for them. We need to put our intention toward loving acceptance into action!


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Jeanie Mooneyham and Mark Keene, stars of the video.