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Welcome to PIMC's
Barking Dog Library

COME TO THE BARKING DOG LIBRARY $3 BOOK SALE! The PIMC library currently houses a large number of duplicate books. To clear space for new books and to make the collection more easily browsable, the library is holding a book sale on July 21, July 28, and August 4, from 10:00am to 1:00pm. You can also email Melissa Sheets if you'd like to schedule a different time:


Books will be priced at $3.00 each and all proceeds will support PIMC. Books will be displayed in the Naito Living Room, just outside of the library. Payment can be made through the honor system via QR code or cash. The sale will include books by well-known Buddhist authors as well as more obscure titles.

Books remaining after the sale will be donated to the wider Portland community, so please take advantage of this opportunity to support PIMC and build your bedside Buddhist collection!

This is a library created to serve the needs of a Buddhist sangha and serious practitioners, with a much greater depth of scholarly and obscure offerings than can be obtained in the county library system. As an Insight Meditation sangha, PIMC is pleased to offer a thorough collection of books emphasizing the Thai Forest Tradition, Vipassana practice, and Insight Meditation. In addition, our catalogue also includes volumes addressing the full range of Buddhist philosophies as well as the full range of practitioner levels, from beginner to advanced.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, PIMC now has a vibrant, modern Buddhist lending library with over 2,000 volumes on mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. Special thanks go to Had Walmer (who started the library originally), Alezah (a professional librarian who gifted our library with a modern, online catalogue), Connie (our former head librarian), and Luke Horvath (our current head librarian).

Library Hours

The Barking Dog Library is open when the center is open for retreats and group meetings.

Request a Library Card

Please email with the following info:

  • Your Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number


When the librarian sets up your account, you will receive a username based on your email address and a 3-digit password. 

Locating Items for Check-Out

You can locate items by browsing our online catalogue, Library Cat, on your phone or computer, or by looking around in the Barking Dog Library. When visiting the Barking Dog Library in-person, there is a document on the wall titled “Locating Items in the Barking Dog Library” that lists the Library of Congress Classification System locations by number and area in the library. 


Please wait until you have the physical book or item in hand, and that the barcodes match, before clicking on the blue check-out button.

Check Out

Once you have an item in your hand, follow the “Getting Books From The Barking Dog Library” instructions posted on the library wall.   



Please return borrowed items within 30 days. Drop the item into the returns/donations basket located by the library door in the back of the PIMC Living Room. 



The library accepts books, CDs, videos and pamphlets under the subjects related to mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. Due to limited space, we are not accepting magazines or newspapers.  If you know of someone who is accepting books or magazines, we have many available. Please let the librarian know.

Had Walmer Barking Dog Library Founder at Work
Barking Dog Library
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