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The Ancient Practice of Generosity

PIMC follows the ancient practice of Dana, in which the teachings are offered generously, with open hands and no holding back. The center flourishes as a result of the reciprocal dana through which participants express their gratitude in the form of service and financial support. Those who have found PIMC life-changing are also motivated by their gratitude to help make the teachings available to the next person who comes through the front doors. Each act of sharing one's attention, energy, material wealth or time enhances one's capacity to relinquish clinging, resulting in freedom and happiness.


PIMC is committed to the principle that all people shall have access to programs offered through the center, regardless of financial means.


This precious resource of the Dharma exists due to the generosity of others. To participate in this legacy of gratitude and support of the Buddha’s teachings, you can help sustain PIMC for today and for future participants through a financial gift.



Monthly Giving

Please consider becoming a sustaining contributor with a monthly, automatic contribution. In this way, you can continue to support the mission of this community - to reduce suffering - even when you are not here to attend programs. Monthly giving provides a stable funding base for the ongoing teaching of the Dharma at PIMC. Your contribution will be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. Your generosity guarantees that PIMC will continue to be the living and vibrant spiritual home that nourishes you and so many others.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match your donations to PIMC. Check with your HR department to see if they offer matching financial support.

Required Minimum Distributions

If you want to direct your portion of your RMD as a charitable contribution to PIMC, tell your financial advisor or IRA custodian. PIMC's tax ID is 93-1317966. Distributions can be mailed to: 6536 SE Duke, Portland, OR 97206.


Estate Planning

Please remember PIMC when you are doing end of life estate planning.  Email us for more information.



Gifts of your time are a beautiful way to connect and give back to the PIMC community. 

You can also make donations:

Via check to PIMC, 6536 SE Duke Street, Portland, OR 97206

Via Venmo: @portlandinsight 

Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to PIMC are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our Tax ID is 93-1317966.

PIMC Dharma Hall
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